Virginia Tech Magnets
Campus Emporium is your one-stop shop for Virginia Tech magnets. Show your Hokie pride on game day- and every day! Remember to remove your magnets before entering a car wash or extreme weather.
Virginia Tech Magnets
Peace Track Magnet, 3in
Small Stick it In Magnet
Large Stick it In Magnet
Woof Paw Magnet
Meow Paw Magnet
Intelligent Life Auto Magnet
Blacksburg Drinking Town Car Magnet
"Let's Go" Car Magnet
Hokies Car Magnet
Let's Go Hokies Magnet Set
Go Hokies Long Car Magnet
Virginia Tech Pride Mini Magnets
We Will Prevail Car Magnet
In Remembrance Car Magnet
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Car Magnet, 3in
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Car Magnet, 6in
VT Ut Prosim Memorial Magnet
Hokie Nation Flag Car Magnet
VT Nation Flag Magnet
Been to See the Hokies Win Car Magnet
On Our Way to See the Hokies Play Auto Magnet
Hokies Script Auto Magnet
Hokies 13in Car Magnet
Go Hokies Baseball Magnet (Small)
Go Hokies Basketball Magnet
Go Hokies Soccer Ball Magnet
Go Hokies Football Magnet (Small)
Hokie Bird Head Refrigerator Magnet
Hokie Bird Head Auto Magnet
Hokie Bird Bring it On Magnet
Hokie Bird Refrigerator Magnet
Hokie Bird Auto Magnet
Hokie Bird Car Magnet
Hokie Bird with VT Logo Car Magnet
Bird Track Auto Magnet, 6in
Bird Track Small Auto Magnet
Turkey Track Magnet Pair, 6in
Bird Track Magnet Pair, 10in
Hokie Bird Prints Refrigerator Magnet
Hokie Track Magnet, 8in
Hokie Tracks Magnet
Hokie Track Car Magnet 2pk
Virginia Tech Fridge Magnet: Family
Virginia Tech Alumni Refrigerator Magnet
VT Hokie Girl Refrigerator Magnet
VA Tech Sports Fridge Magnets: Choose your Sport
VT Hokie Nation Fridge Magnet
I Love VT Fridge Magnet
Keep Calm and Gobble On Magnet
VT School of... People Fridge Magnets
VT Refrigerator Magnet Combo Pack: Save on all 5!
Virginia Tech Football Fridge Magnet
Virginia Tech Hokie Bird 3" Fridge Magnet
Virginia Tech Logo Refrigerator Magnet
VT Polka Dot Refrigerator Magnet
Polka Dot VT Logo 6in Magnet
Virginia Tech Logo Auto Magnet, 8in
Virginia Tech Large Magnet 2 pack
12" Virginia Tech Magnet
Polka Dot VT Logo 12in Magnet
3" Camo VT Logo Magnet
6" Camo VT Logo Magnet
Virginia Tech Euro Auto Magnet
Virginia Tech Mom Auto Magnet
Virginia Tech Alumni Auto Magnet
Virginia Tech Dad Auto Magnet
VT Lacrosse Auto Magnet
VT Helmet Refrigerator Magnet
VT Helmet Car Magnet
Lunch Pail Defense Auto/Fridge Magnet
Bud Foster Lunch Pail Defense Magnet
VT Mini Magnet 4pk
VA Tech Flip Flop Refrigerator Magnet
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  • Campus Emporium is my one stop shopping for all my Virginia Tech needs, whether it is online or my once a year trip to Blacksburg. Always have had a great experience with them. Thanks Campus Emporium!

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